A commitment from a Big Man

The guys over at Bleedtechblue are reporting that Antwond Roshell a 6’10 285 junior college center from John A. Logan College has signed with Louisiana Tech.

According to Midstatehoops.com Roshell held offers from Cincinnati, and Milwaukee.

Midstatehoops said this about Roshell: Roshell is not the most skilled inside player but his combination of size, strength, agility, and work ethic are something that not many coaches will turn down. Roshell runs the floor very well for his 6’10” 260 lbs frame. He’s got a big body and is good at holding position when playing with his back to the basket. Very strong, Antwond is a good rebounder that plays aggressively but knows his limits.

Another description found of him on the web was the following : Big 12 body and a consistent rebounder.

Roshell averaged nearly 4.5 points, 2 blocks, 6 rebounds, and less than 1 turnover per game. The stat line isn’t spectacular but he is a big body brought in to rebound and play defense. You can’t teach size and with a Big East offer on his resume this is a nice start to replenishing the roster.


One response to “A commitment from a Big Man

  1. Magnum Rolle Project April 2k10 Pre NBA workouts mini camp.

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